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Aarush Devcon is managed and led by the most pioneering names in the field. ADPL is founded on three basic factors: Trust – Growth – Pride. We trust our team to deliver the best construction quality every single time. This trust is thus translated in the confidence of our consumers. We want to earn their trust. We believe in foresight and moving ahead. That keeps us on top of the growth ladder. We take pride in our work and so that acts like our parameter in each project.


Chairman & MD
Amit Dave


Director – Finance & HR
Radhika Dave


Jitendra Dave

Message from Chairman & MD
“ I had a fresh start and had very limited resources in the beginning of my real estate career but what I had is the ability to transform the awareness of doing Creative, Responsible, Effective and Different work. I have always passed this thought to my team and my group that – we can and we should think different and creatively. I believe that Good thinking inspires Good life.

I always don’t think the way others thins. I try to do things differently with whatever resources I have. And my group that has faith in me, also believes in that which leads to a new success story. Our investors, our group, our consultants, our contractors and labour, all of them together build a Team. This is my team, my Asset. The success of ADPL and “Divya Brand” depends on the quality of people and the quality of team that I have.

I believe- thoda karo, achcha karo, alag karo.

I also believe in sharing profits with the team that has always stood by me. I thank all my team members to help building ADPL better everyday.”

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