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Corporate Social Responsibilities

FOR Aarush Devcon, soil is like a mother and so it deserves respect and preservation. Land is part of the soil and so it should be utilized in the most healthy and natural way possible. Aarush Devcon has been involved in tree plantation in the last ten years. It has planted several trees across the borders of Central India and around Indore.

In addition, Aarush Devcon keeps environment and greenery always in mind while taking up any construction project. The group ensures that no trees are cut while building while more and more plants are grown in each of the projects. All their projects have been built around a green blanket and plantation is given utmost priority while constructing.

arush Devcon is committed to preserve Mother Nature by planting trees, growing flowers and encouraging an environment of health. The group takes care of eco-friendly tools while building the projects so that people get an extremely healthy lifestyle. The homes built by the group have ample facilities of gardening, ventilation for fresh air and pollution-free environment.

The CSR policy of Aarush Devcon comprises
Tree plantation:
Trees are planted in large numbers around and in each of their construction projects including commercial. Herbs, shrubs, fruits, flowers and vegetables are grown around housing complexes. Gardens are a vital feature in all the projects of the group so that children and adults get to be with nature. As a policy, Aarush Devcon always starts its projects with planting saplings.

Pollution-free environment:
Aarush Devcon tries to curb pollution by using machines that are eco-friendly and dust-free. All its projects are usually clean, dust-free and green. The houses and offices constructed by the group have ample ventilation facilities, clean drinking water resources and healthy ambience.

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